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Are there any negative aspects if I put two narrow(8 inch)tires up front and two tires with same aggressive tread pattern, but wider(11inch) on the back of my 36 v hunting cart. It does have a 4 inch lift on it. they are the Carlisle Stryker tires but I am having problems getting a replacement from local dealers.


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Normally, in mud, a 2wd vehicle will do much better with a narrow front tire and a wide rear tire. This is especially true when the rear tires have a very agressive tread. This allows some of the rear tread to run in the area where the front tires ran, but leaves the outer part of the tread to grab onto the untouched soil. I have found this to be true in both mud and snow on my vehicles. This is why most 2wd tractors have very skinny front tires and much wider rear tires. A skinny front tire splits the mud/snow like a knife, while a wide front tire has to either push the mud/snow out of the way or pack it down.