Help with picking new cart


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I am new to this site and looking for some advice. I have a TXT 500 EZGO and looking to purchase another cart. Looking for something like '02-03 EZGO PDS, with A arm long travel lift on front. Mainly ride around neighborhood(200 acres on river with trails), but some on trails. I don't want much more speed than the standard PDS offers approx 18-20, But I want good torque. Should I buy PDS cart and add larger controller 400, 500 or larger. Or purchase a different EZGO cart and purchase a different motor. Don't off road much, but do ride gravel trails with pretty steep hills. Pleased with my neighbors PDS cart with 400 amp controller,(speed and torque) but wanted some opinions of what else is available. Anybody got any suggestions for long travel kits, Jakes versus other name brands. And also, any thoughts on controllers, better to go bigger or is 400 amp ok, would I see much difference in a 400 vs larger controller on the PDS cart? Thanks for your suggestions in advance.


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If you have a lot of steep hills I'd consider a Fleet/series over the PDS cart. Either way if your looking for torque you'll more than likely need a bigger controller. The Alltrax 650 amp is a very good controller and matches up well with D&D Motors . Check out D&D website, they have charts there that will give you a good idea on spped and torque with their motors and they also sell Alltrax controllers.
As far as the lifts go I've always liked Jakes lifts.