Help with ID of part?


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I have found a "complete" parts list from CC with pics, reviewed it twice and still can't find ID of part. Possibly someone can help?

For 2002 CC, IQ Villager-4.

Part has 2 mounting bolts going through it top to bottom. (from the top "kinda" looks like the old 16v-12v reducer)
Mounted on frame in front of batteries, just behind and below F/R switch.
Part is 4" long, 1 1/2" wide and 2" top to bottom.
Has 5 wires coming from it. 1 red, 1 red w/stripe, 1 yellow, 1 green w/stripe, 1 purple (possibly a dark shade of blue).
My GUESS is some type of relay since leads are different guages, but don't know.
Wanted to take voltage readings on part wires but didn't get to it before I got help removing the batteries.

Anyone know what it is? Any documentation would be appreciated.




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Sorry for any inconvenience the above post may have caused. Once I removed it it was nothing more than a waterproof enclosed fuse panel (never seen one like that before). Wires traced to lights and horn connections. Guess I was just scared to take it off and look. Lesson learned.