Help with ID my cart?


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I would like to know what year passably mine is and model, is there a way to do an A arm front end on it?







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Ok thanks guys, i wasnt sure that in the manf. code there was a date but i guess there is.
Can the body be replaced on these it looks welded in places etc. Do you think its worth working on? I wanted to do air shocks but the front suspension is designed in a way that i dont like i wanted independent suspension. Is there a way to do that?


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You could out a a-arm suspension on it. I don't know of any place that makes one for a Marathon so you'd have to make one for the newer model TXT work or build your own.

Body parts are hard to find for Marathons. In my opinion I'd look for a newer cart.


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Yea im thinking your right about that. Cause what im wanting to do its just going to be more difficult to do with this one. So what does anyone think this cart is worth?


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I agree with HRC about getting a newer cart as that one looks like a lot of work. I picked up a gas Marathon for 100 and resold it 3 days later for 250. It was in similar condition and all I had to do was tow it a 1/4 mile to home.After playing with these carts my next choice will be a TXT unless I decide on keeping the ClubCar DS or G-2 Yammy that I now have.


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Does it run? Well it did when the batteries was good. I got it from a friend that just parked it when it needed new batteries.

I think i will try to do some work to it and just sell it. I would love to find something newer and do what i would like to do and not have to spend so much in fixing up.

Thanks for yalls inputs. Anyone that live this way that wants come get lol