Help with a golf card value


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I am coming to the professionals for help. My Grandmother just recently passed away, and my grandfather is trying to sell his 1985 Club Car Electric Golf Cart. It is absolutely in perfect condition, seats are in perfect shape and damage, and there is brand new batteries recently installed. And ofcourse it runs perfectly / garaged kept. I have searched the NET, and I cannot find any "blue book" guide to a golf cart's value.

I recently listed on craigslist, but had to take a stab at the value. Can anyone, advise or point me in the right direction? Or even buy it? Looking for a little help here guys, thank you.


1985 without seeing any pictures and it was garage kept. $1000.00 Max. You will need some one really wanting it. Look on Craigslist and see what the same year is selling for or close to the same year.
Good luck on selling it!