Help with a conversion


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Hello I dont know anything about gas engines but i do take an automotivev class and have stripied down a 3.5 briggs and put it back together so i am hopeing that that will help me alot in what i whoud like to do. I have built a pretty fast electric ezgo and i am looking for a gas one to go muddin with and thats all. i whould like to know the site that i could get a kit for a 24 hp honda. I dont have a welder or anything that bends i am only 15. I am real big on muddin and pushin my machines to teh limit with there abilities. If i get teh kit whould any one be able to help me through putting it together? Like i said i know nothing about gas engines like like a "kicker foot" or soemthing like that or that thing that connects to the diff that the belt goes on to turn the tires. So i dont know what any of that is and i whould like ot learn it all. I hope this is enouph info to get us started on htis project. I am also looking for an ezgo txt gasser dosent have to be that great, dosent have to have an engine, dosent have to have a body, i am really jsut lookin for a frame that i can go muddin with. I am hpeing to find one for 100 to 300 bucks any help whould be appreciated. thanks.

Dan Drago