Help To Identify Golf Cart Model


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I cannot answer your questions but I think that is a pretty cool cart you have there. I like that kind of stuff, I'd have a tenancy to want to restore it. My old Bass Boat was owned by Rick Clunn - I have hung on to it as long as I could. Just this year I sent it to a shop for some repairs and they told me to take it home - too far gone. :(


Without the serial number it's hard to say. I would suggest looking at to see if you can find the forward and reverse switch parts that match what you have. Welcome to the forum. :hattip:


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Thanks shootrig Thanks Hotrodcarts I did look there and found the parts but the years it said it was for was 1975 and up they look the same but not sure if I should roll the dice I tried making contact with them hopefully they can help