Help needed on Cart purchase


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We are making a decision on the purchase of a used Golf Cart for use at our Lake House. The cart will be operated up and down a 30-45 degree grade on a 6’ wide concrete (brushed) cart path to the lake – about 150’ each way – with a turn around at the bottom. With rear seats, we could have 4 adults on the cart each trip. The only options we are interested in other than performance are the rear seat kit and a top. My concern is enough torque to get it up, and enough brakes to get it down.

-we prefer electric
can the clutch on an electric remain engaged on the descent to assist in braking?

will an electric cart have the power to ascend the hill with that load?
Tire size
Amp Controller
36v/48v ?

-are 4 wheel brake kits available for standard wheels and rims?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
I live and work at a conference center in the North Carolina mountains.I have owned both electric and gas carts in the 14 yrs I have lived here.Our conference center also owns and rents carts and utility vehicles. We also have quite a few homeowners that have carts. My opinion is a gas cart would by far give you better service. We have homeowners that use electric carts and are happy with them but all are the newer Ezgo's (05and up)or 48volt Club Cars and they do not use them much at one time. For us the gas carts will out pull a electric up hill all day long and provide some engine braking downhill.I have, in my department a 95 Ezgo electric ,and with new batteries on a similar hill as you descrbe I can only get 3-4 trips up with a load that does not equal 4 passengers.How long you want it to run between chargings will be a concern too as the strain up hill will drain the batteries very quickly.Good luck on you decision.