Help I'm stuck

moore girl

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I have a G 14 I'v replaced all batteries, New wires and ends and it's still not moving.I've tested motor and celanoid says its good by -passed speed controller it acts like it wants to go but it does'nt move could it be I need a new one or what else could it be, trying to get help those controllers are expensive an if I might not need it.HELP PLEASE!


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Are you sure the batteries are wired correctly? Does the solenoid click when you push the pedal? Take a voltage reading at the charger receptacle and let us know what it is. Take individual voltage reading on the batteries and post those.

moore girl

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Yes the pedel does click when you step on it, batt. are reading 6.2 volts and the charger is reading 42 volts.cleaned posts wires are right to each batt.any other suggestions?