Help, Going From 36 Volts to 48 Volts


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I have a early 80s ezgo resistor cart that i have upgraded all the cables to 4ga. I was hoping to add two batteries to get a little more speed out of it. My question is how do i go about wiring it so i can charge the 6 with the charger i have now and then charge the two with a seperate 12 volt charger. I was also wondering if i have to change anything else, controller, etc. Thanks


A early 80's cart doesn't have a controller unless someone upgraded the cart. As far as the battery charging goes hook the carts charger to the first six batteries in the series and use a 12 volt charger for the last two in the series.


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wow i never even thought of that heres a question i have a g1 yamaha what if i just add another 12 volt (car) battery in series then hook the charger to the first 6 6vs then hook the 12v charger to the car battery also would my solenoids work with 48v or no?