HELP For G14


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Have a G14 giving me fits. Was low on compression, valve seat came loose from head. Put on new head, lapped and set the valves also new gaskets for head and carburetor. Compression now OK.

Problem is the engine starts right up and runs OK on low throttle without having to use the choke to keep it running. When you push the pedal down, the engine wants to bog down and dies. If you set the choke at 1/2 - 3/4, it runs just fine with the pedal all the way to the floor. Have tried cleaning and adjusting the jets without improvement.

If you loosen the pilot valve (I believe, the brass fitting with the slot and hole in the middle) it will run fine at high throttle without choke, but there's no way to keep that brass fitting set at the 1/2 way out position.

Any help / ideas would be appreciated.



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Sounds like ya have trash in the carb.


It is running lean.

The air box must be sealed for these carts to run properly.

There is a restriction built into to the airbox so the cart won`t run if there is a problem
with the airfilter system.

If the seal is broken or one of the rubbers latches is missing the cart will run lean.

The other problem is these have plastic intake manifolds that are known for
cracking. Check with starting fluid.

You unscrewed the pilot jet letting more fuel into the engine.

You can remove the restriction and rejet the carb. It will run like a g-8.

I don`t remember the main jet number to use.

Or as said above, you may just need a carb cleaning.

Remove the carb then remove the bowl and clean the main jet with a guitar string or sewing needle.

The gas filter may be screwed to the tank (fuel hose outlet is the filter) possibly if
you don`t see an inline filter anywhere.