Help! Duromax or Carrol Stream?


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Hi guys.

I've ripped out the motorcycle engine from my yamaha G9. Now, its time to re-power. I've found two engines 16 HP that I like, but trying to figure out which one to get. I found the Duro-max 16 w/ electric start for $289 at max tool and I also found a 16HP Carrol stream engine w/electric start for $365. No brainer right? Take the cheaper one...Except, two issues. 1) the duromax does not have a charging system, where the carrol stream engine says it has a 3 amp charging system built in. I don't want to charge the battery all the time...2) I called max tool and they said they have all parts for Duromax if I need them. I called Carrol stream and got an answering machine.....That's not a good sign to start off with!

Do you guys have any suggestion which way to go? Are there any other differences between these engines? I assume both are chinese made?

Also, any suggestions on where to pickup cheap drive and driven clutches for a g9?



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the duromax is a honda clone and theres lots of oem and some aftermarket parts for them, if your never going to run lights or acc's then a new battery will start that engine dozens of times without a charge. not the best deal for the battery but it'll work, i don't think a drive clutch from a G9 will fit