Help! Brand New to the Cart World


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My question is, I am looking for a cheap cart, not sure where to start.Not sure what are good brands and what arent so good. My plan is to lift it, and swap motors to more than likely, an atv motor of some sort. What are some suggestion? If I get a yamaha cart and a yamaha motor, is this a good thing as far as easy swapping, or is it irrelevant? Any ideas and opinions are helpful. Excuse my ignorance when it comes to carts, as I said, I am brand new to it. Thank You


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I'd go with a EZGO, Club Car or Yamaha. As far as using a ATV motor it really won't matter which make of cart you go with.


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Honestly any of the big three are great carts to own and modify. Through much recent research that I've been doing, I've found that Ezgo's appear to be the most popular for engine swaps and the availability of aftermarket parts. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.