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Hello all, I am glad I found this site. I will give some history on the situation and this cart.

This cart is my 68 year old grandfathers. He has had it for probably 10 years or so. He had problems of it running rough last summer so he took it to a small engine school teacher who had worked on it before. This teacher proceeded to keep it for 9 months just to change the points out. (I think they are called points) Regardless he got free storage over winter but when the teacher installed the points he had cracked the case or something similiar. The teacher couldn't get it right so they took it to the local ezgo repair shop. They put a new point that wasn't cracked and sent grandpa on his way. Grandpa took it out and it didn't run good at all. Grandpa took it back to the shop where as they said "worked on it for a week, removed the motor twice and don't know where to start" and gave it back to him free of charge.

The cart is a 1979 Ez-go. The tag on the passenger side reads 79GO and I77346. It has a 2 cycle EC25DS robin engine it. The displacement is 244cc The Motor # is 115810.

The motor runs like it is missing badly and doesn't accelerate. The ezgo shop said that the fuel supply checked out alright amd think it is something in the motor but I think I should start from scratch to make sure I don't miss anything.

Should I run a compression test on it first to make sure internals are ok? What should compression be?

I have read where people are having clogged mufflers, is this a common issue that I should check out on this particular model?

If compression is good then it must either be ignition or carb related correct?

Sorry about the long first post. I have included some pictures, I don't even know what the model type is of this cart. Any and all help will be much appreciated.









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Thats a clean old EZGO your grandfather has. Start with a compression test. It should have 120 psi. Its also not uncommon for the mufflers to plug up in the 2 stroke carts. You can unbolt the exhaust from the head and try the cart and see if it runs better. If it does the muffler is plugged. Another thing you can try is a new spark plug. Let us know what you find.


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Thanks for the compliments and suggestions. It really is a clean cart except where he let some battery acid go through the corner of the cart on the drivers side. I will try unbolting the exhaust and see if I get lucky. What are most people running for sparkplugs. I am usually a fan of NGK but don't know if they make one for this application or if there is a better one out there.


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also wanted to compliment you and your grandfather on the cart hope mine looks that good after 10.i 'm no first rate ez go mechanic especialy on 2 cycles but what does it mean when you are told the case cracked might want to just ask the question don't exactly understand could the points be slipping and not firing as they should and yes ngk is your best choice. like hrc said compression,plug,gas mixture,remove and clean carb,check air supply just noticed your hand beneath the air cleaner, check out that coil wire looks like it runs very close to the exhaust system and around a sharp edge i would probably replace with a new one it could be bad even though it may not be visible.start engine and pull the coil wire away from the coil just far enough that the boot slips off and pay attention to the spark should have a good strong spark. just a few things to try none of them may help but it's worth a try and your the mechanic this way you know exactly what you have done. not to put blame on anyone after being at a couple of locations it kinda may have been pushed to the side as mine was once before happens sometimes. glad your on the site always good to have new members you can find a ton of useful info. here and folks know their carts. hope this will help i'm ready to see grandpa make some tracks.


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I didn't get any time to play with it last night. I did get it off of the cart and drove it or should I say lunged it 20 ft. There was a very strong fuel smell. I am hoping this weekend will give me some time to play on it.

Forgot to answer about the cracked case, I am sorry I probably didn't use the right terminology. The plastic case that holds the points was cracked, that's what I was told at least. They said they put a new one on so it shouldn't be an issue.