Help! 36V 1984 Crash analsyis

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I own a 1984 Club Car 36V cart in Florida that I loaned to a friend when I head north for the summer. Got a call that it was "bucking and jerking" during acceleration but went ok at top speed. Told her to park it and I would investigate in the fall. As I am told her friend checked voltages, connections and solonoids and didn't identify a problems. Some time later (shortly) I'm told the cart "took off" moving with the key off and no passanger in it. $500 damage to the cart and more to the home it hit (no personal injury) Is that possible, to move with the key off? Someone shifted it to neutral and unhooked the battery cables after that. Doesn't make sense to me and I'm 1700 miles away. Any ideas?


I think that for the cart to move off by itself not only would the solenoid be activated but the micro switch in the v-glide would need to be activated. Check the sweep arm in the v-glide and make sure it rests at the bottom of its sweep when at rest. If that does not help check the microswitch


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Agree with HotRodCarts.
Unless retrofitted, an '84 cart doesn't have V-Glide.
It has the 5-solenoid speed assembly. (As does my 86').


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i,m thinking the same thing soleniod is bad........thats only 1 of serverl ways they go bab.................................................

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Finally got back to Florida to inspect and repair the wreck. Two $35 Mexican solonoids and it was back running. All it needs now is some fiberglass, bondo and paint