Hello! New to the forum and to the golf cart world.


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I had my cart since 2016. It is a 2015 Ezgo txt. It was pretty plain when I got it. I added a plastic dash cover, wind screen and a rear view mirror. I keep it on the charger when not in use. In 2021, the cart was not making it around my usual ride like normal. I got a new set of Trojans and swapped out the caps for my watering system. The cart was back to normal.

I have a new son-in-law that happens to have an Ezgo cart as well. His is a bit older txt 36v. We have taken his for rides in downtown Charleston. It is a lot of fun enjoying the city and not worrying about parking. He has a radio with Bluetooth enabled audio and he has also added turn signals and a horn .

I have got most of my ideas from him as to what I wanted to do with my cart. Turn signals and the horn were very easy, plug and play. But my problem that he did not have was the proper voltage. My lights were wired to 16v (2 batteries). I did not want to risk running the sound bar (Ecoxgear) with 16v. I went to Amazon and ordered a power reducer (4 wire), a fuse panel, a 2 position key switch and a 48v solenoid. It all worked perfectly, for about a week. The new China solenoid coil circuit opened and the coil was super hot.

And that is what lead me here and the fact that the other forum that I tried to reach out to still has me locked out until approved.


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So why do you use a solenoid to power up the voltage reducer? You should be able to wire anything directly from the reducer. You can still use the key switch to activate the reducer. If that doesn't work Go to Eco battery and buy one of their voltage reducers


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I put a stand alone switch to provide ground from my reducer. The reducer itself is always live direct to pack B+ & B-. My little switch is similar to a key switch but it can be active with the key off. I have added lighting and a $400 sound bar. Also full air suspension with compressor and all. Never had any issues with the 12v side wired this way.