hello all


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I recently stumbled across this site and really like what I see. I am on my fourth cart project, each one going a little deeper than the last. The "fever" started here on my job, last year at this time we had maybe 5 custom carts. Now we have at least 15. Not to mention the 15 or so stockers. I am currently working on a 97 cc that I bought off of a deer lease for next to nothing. The owner had spray painted the exterior what he considered camo.
after a bit of sanding and swapping out the puny 18x8 atv tires

First things first, 7.5 super sport medium travel lift, flares, new 2/0 d.c. cables, alot of cleaning and sanding spraypaint off of alum.






And finally I threw it back together for the parade.

Plenty more to come, frame reinforcement, four link rear, 72volt setup, custom brakes, 18 inches of total lift, 29.5 swamplites, all metal powdercoated, and lots of diamond plate.


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I am still back and forth on the paint. It is leaning more towards camo everday. I am fabbing front and rear receiving hitches, front hitch and winch in 1.5" pipe bumper, rear receiver in rear same. Also a cargo rack/rear step for the kids is in the makes. Now I'm looking for my next broke down project to buy so I have something to drive at work while she is under the knife. Custom rear four link and new 10" custom built zbracket is almost finished. Don't see this going anywhere but camo.