Heavy Duty Belts


I am currently running the stock marathon belt that is 1 3/16" x 45" on my 2001 TXT with the honda conversion. It works fine but I need something a little tougher, it wears out too quickly. What heavy duty belt could I replace it with? I could actually go just a bit longer.
Anyone that knows a good heavy duty belt that I can use please post


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Hey Griz, I have had the orig belt on mine since the conversion. We ride in some extreme cond and have the traction control and we ride often. I will check to see what brand and # it is cause I'm getting very good service from it. It is almost a year old. I've ridden in water, sand, mud, you name it and we've done it. Short of turning over, that is. If it's a little short maybe thats it I don't know. Mine when sitting still with the engine off you can almost squeeze it together. I'll get back to you maybe tom.