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Morning everyone! So I installed headlights on my 87 freedom and followed the diagram which came with wiring harness I also purchased with lights hooked everything up according to diagram and nothing no lights! So I tested wiring had conninuity to headlights, same at switch but nothing at the plugin for relay. But if I jump the white light wires to white posltive side of plugin I have lights? Do I need the ignition switch which has the lights terminal on it to make this work properly? I used 2 batterys in succesion for my power and negitive leads, is this the problem? Why you ask who needs lights for golfing? Its for driving the granddaughters around they love riding in the golf cart and for me its a lot of fun also......... If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate input..... Thanks everyone


The key switch should have 36 volts and you need 12 volts. You'll either need the key switch with the terminal for lights or a separate toggle switch.