Headlight installation


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I have another question. I also have a 96 CC gas that has the complete headlight and taillight system but the motor is bad in that cart and i want to put the headlights and taillights on my 96 CC electric. Do i have to have a voltage reducer or can i just wire them up to 2 batteries(16 volts)?


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I don't have a sparky but just curious if they won't last as long with the increased volts?

"The lights will work on 16 volts but they'll be bright. "


16 volts will probably shorten the life of the bulb. A lot of the Club Car guys run the lights off of 16 volts and they seem to hold up pretty well though. I wouldn't do it to my own cart only because the lights are to damn bright on 16 volts.


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just so you know i have run into a few carts hooked up to 16 volts that for some reason will melt one of the front lights......i don,t know why but have seen this 2 times onh the othwer hand i plenty of carts running on 16 volts with no issues other than brightness.........if you have a reducer i suggest you use it........................................


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is there a head light made for say 8, 16, or 24 volts. Remember the old tractors had 6 volt systems with lights!

just thinking out load