Have pics need help!


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I replied on another thread, but I never started my own, and I'm getting desperate.

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I have a voltmeter, but not sure what's supposed to be going thru which component to see what's broken. Nothing changes when I turn the key....ie doesn't move at all.

Here are the pics and wiring diagram:


Pleeeeeez Help me!


I can't tell much by those pictures. Someone has definitely been hacking on the wiring. Hopefully someone who has more experience working on the old EZGO carts will chime in.


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Can anyone at least tell me if that diagram applies to this cart? IE if I wired it
exactly like the diagram, should it work?

Do I have a potentiometer? If so, where would it be? Same question for a control

Do I need two switches in the accelerator panel? I have 2 but the diagram has only one,
so I have the right switch unwired.

Diagram has 2 switches in FNR panel, I have only 1. do I need the other one?
sw1 sw2
/ \ / \ so if I just have sw2 hooked up to key and sol and
buzzer key sol

forget the buzzer, that should be ok, right?


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I have an 81 and I used the same wiring diagram as the one in the pics. My solenoid is bad so I just ran a cable from the positive side of the battery to the "output" side of the solenoid. You can just move the big wire on the front of the solenoid to the same side as the wire that goes to the wiper contact.

All the control wiring is for is to allow the reverse buzzer to work and to allow the key switch to provide voltage to the solenoid. So, when you have the key switch on with F/R switch in F and press the accelerator, the micro switch on the accelerator engages the solenoid which allows battery voltage to reach the wiper contact. If the F/R switch is in reverse, the micro switch on the F/R switch sends voltage through the reverse buzzer and the accelerator micro switches so both the solenoid and buzzer work.

So, what I have essentially done with mine, until I get a new solenoid, is take all of the control circuitry out of the equation. When I put it in either F or R, and press the accelerator, voltage goes to the wiper contact directly. The key switch does nothing. This is only a temporary solution until I can get a new solenoid.

In fact, my solenoid was the cause of all my problems. The cart would run fine at time, other times it would lurch and other times not run at all.

Good luck, let us know how it works out.