Has anybody tried an AC motor


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The Worlds First Production AC Motor for Golf Cars
18 Horsepower and 81 Foot Pounds of Torque
6000 RPM Motor
25 MPH without Gear Change
Full Regenerative Braking to zero speed
Higher Torque, Lower Power Consumption
Fits Club-Car, EZ-Go, Yamaha, Columbia Par-Car,
Or any Graziano or Dana-Spicer Differential
No brushes or commutator
Golf/Street mode switch
Zero to 20 MPH in under 3 1/2 seconds!

Has anybody here tried this motor? the motor and controller runs about $2500.


I've never tried one but I've heard they are a top notch company. I've thought about buying their AC system for one of my carts but it's a little pricey. The new E-Z-GO RXV comes from the factory with AC power so I'm waiting to see what happens with the aftermarket products before I take the plunge.


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Now, if that two bits included batteries.

But to stop and think about it. This is just a few hundred above gas engine kits being sold by a few companies. Then you add in the lift kit you need to use the Briggs or Honda. And, it would be easier to change your cart back to stock and you could put this motor on your next cart. Something to be said for that.

And 81 pounds of torque!!!! OH YEAH!! I may need one.
Put a twenty on the dash. If you can grab it before I reach 20 mph you can have it.


One advantage to electric is private communities and campgrounds allow them. A lot of places say no gas carts. So thats the delima here.


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Ouch, 2500 bucks!!

But I will say I run many Brushless motors (we cal them BL for short) in my models. Around 90% eff and very smooth! I have 1-2000 in many of my aircraft running Lithium batteries too at more than the LA batteries we use.

For lower RPM and Tq we went to outrunner type motors and a swinging 20 in plus props at 10K.

Outrunners run cooler too.

I am sure prices will come down, but it took us almost 10 years until it got really user friendly.



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It's easier to mention the one disadvantage of an induction motor: it needs expensive electronics to get speed control (but you knew that). Induction motors are more efficient , better power/weight ratio, very low maintenance . The only part on an induction motor that wears are the bearings.


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The new ezgo txt Fleet golf course carts are now using this 48v A/C system. No brake parts under the cart at all , no cables or drum brakes to rust and seize up. It uses complete electronic motor braking !!!!!!
We had a demo at our shop and put it through its paces. Its a totally redesigned cart and uses 50% less parts then previous TXT's


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According to EZGO the electric RXV has a 3.0hp motor and a 230Amp controller. The motor from is rated at 18hp.
Side note: for a good read I can recommend, inventor of AC motors/generators, radio, and a lots of other stuff.


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