Harley Golf Cart to a 27 T-Bucket Conversion Build



The new Photobucket is a PITA. Every picture I upload goes to the beginning of the album.
I figured out how to get around it, but this means uploading every one separately, and then editing the image to keep them in order. Grr..
Here is the Trunk lid I've been constructing. Trunk handle latch also.

Back to work. Spring is coming soon, then it's work on the boat time.


i gave up on the new bucket and went to imageshack

Nice work, are ya gonna fiberglass the lid?


Image shack might be an option.
I'm held hostage on PB, because of the images for this build though.

I am going to make a DVD of the build.
To many sharing sights disappear, along with the images.
2 hours and 45 minutes for these 2 images.
BTW, it will be West System epoxied, with fiberglass.
Here is the mahogany skin, and bending it..



My insurance said it is a 4 wheel, Harley Motorcycle, 1971.. OK. The license plate will fit.

2fast4U. Works!
A Motorcycle License is Mandatory in NY.
We checked it out.
8 seconds in an 8Th mile!!.
Troopers watch my get my mail on a privet road!
Give me a thumbs up for my signal lites!!

Gona sell her..need a real 27T.


That trunk has been waiting for years! Very nice.
Gona make it perfect.
Hard making it work with real wood.

Like it?
My signature.

It will be FINE!

For sure.


Well, it HAS been interesting!
I did get a video of a spur of the moment race I had with a V6 Pick up truck.
It was the day of the first test drive to check out the new front steering.
He( a guy who works in the marina) pulled up and wanted to race.

I left him in the dust, and it shows 8 seconds in a 1/4 mile on the video.

BTW, I'm using 110 octane non ethanol fuel.

Can I get it uploaded to Boto Phu**et? He!! no.
At least not on Public Wifi. I might have to do a friends wifi to upload it. Dial up sucks! Here is the lid epoxied.

Here is the trunk ready for paint. I'm just waiting for the Marina water to turn on, to clean the Gazebo/paint booth.

I just bought new door handles/latches, I'm going to put on. I have the black upholstery material also, but the boat is starting to call me.


Anyone see the 4 wheel Electric Harley Davidson that "American Restoration" show did?
$10,000 dollars!!! Here is a link. He said Harleys were the only golf carts Elvis had at Graceland. http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/american-re...-horsies/307689
He put on the top almost like I'm planning on.

Well, I went to the store, and it DID upload another photo.
So I'll post that too.
Don't mind the dust, it hasn't been washed since November.


New puter, found youz-but front disc brakes going on. O I will be back.
I SWEAR Richard on Fast and loud needs this screamer! Just keeps getting funnier! Remember look at the photobucket- or is it BotoFukit? Link?
Gotta love it!


Here are the disc brakes I've been working on. They came from a Honda motorcycle. I had some fabricating to do.

I am also getting the windshield fitted.

I have switched the fuel to 110 octane with no ethanol, and t has really made a difference in the performance.