Harley Davidson Golf Cart


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My husband and I picked up this old, weather HD golf cart in the normal course of our business. Neither one of us is familar with golf, but a friend suggest we list this item for sale (we will take it to a scrap yard if not sold).

He is all I know: seat and body are pretty weathered.
Doesn't run - but the engine looks complete, and is NOT froze.

there is a tag: ....80/1..

the serial number tag: close to the following 2BI8604H6 the 2B could be a 3B and I don't think I got all the numbers.

I will look for another tag on the rear frame cross brace, and will update if available.

If someone wants this, I would be happier to join you together vs. scrapping it and finding out it was a needed restore parts cart.

North east of Sacramento, CA
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