Harley Davidson Golf Cart With New Points Carb Coil Won't Start


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1979 Harley Davidson golf cart with New Points. Brand New Carb. New Coil. New Fuel. New Fuel Filter. New Spark Plug. Spark plug & points gaped correctly. Compressions 100+. Timing Is Correct. Yet it only sputters every once in a while, with choke but won't start. How does this make sense? I don't know. I have the same question. Any replies would be greatly appreciated, kind of stuck in a rut.


Actually yes a lot of people use it.

Have you checked to see if your pumping gas to the carb? Have you tried a little gas in the carb to see if it runs?


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Ok, so now i jhave discovered that i have put the negative to the positive and positive to negative, my fault i guess, but the wire was red and i put that to the positive, only reason i found out was because i was looking around in the manual. could this have fried the coil or condeser?