Harley Davidson Golf Cart Wiring Fire


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Small Fire...

I have a 1978 Harley Davidson DE 40 golf cart with some apparent wiring issues. Right now the cotrol wiring is set up like this-

A wire runs from the key switch (just a toggle) to the bottom solenoid. From the other side of the solenoid it is jumpered to the large post of the solenoid which is wired directly to the N post of one of the batteries.
On the same screw of the key switch a wire runs to the R solenoid.
On the other screw of the key switch a wire runs to the F solenoid.

There is a picture attached that shows the wiring. Everything seems to match the wiring drawing on VintageCartParts.com.

I flipped the key switch on (not sure which way at this point...lost track during the fire) and hit the accelerator pedal and the yellow wire caught on fire.

What is going on with this Harley? .I only paid $325 bucks for it but thought the wiring looked pretty simple.

By the way- I have a picture but cannot figure out how to post it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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Remove each wire, one at a time and replace with the same size wire to the same terminals.
Keep at it until all wires are replaced.
This breaks the wiring down into small pieces rather than the large wiring loom.