Harley Davidson Golf Cart Serial Number What Year Is It


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I have an older 3 wheel Harley Davidson golf cart and have a serial number 3B12583J2. Does anyone know what this number means, or what year it is?
I got it from a friend and I cannot get it started, seems to turn over slowly and only if i jump right to the starter. any help would be great, thanks.


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This VIN indicates it was made by Harley Davidson in 1982 (J2) and is a model "D"(3B)


The letter H (made in the '70s) or J (made in the '80s) indicates the cart was manufactured by Harley Davidson.


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I got the cart to turn over but i have no spark from the coil. There is power at the wires leading to the coil +/- but nothing from the spark plug wire hole. Also i have to use jumper cables attached to the generator and turn on the key to get it to turn over. Any ideas!! Please.....