Harley Davidson Golf Cart Clutch Leaking


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I have an older Harley Davidson two stroke golf cart I picked up yesterday. I'm going to make it into an art car for the Burning Man festival (if you don't know what that is I urge you to check it out!). The problem I have is that the clutch is leaking from somewhere and while it spins it makes whatever is leaking fly off. Is this a normal problem for a bad clutch or gasket? Could it be a hole or simply need tightening? I'm hoping this is an easy fix so I can get started with my project!


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Make sure it's not the fill plug on the clutch leaking first.

There's a o-ring inside the clutch and it sounds like your is leaking. If you remove the 3 nuts on the clutch and pull the cover you'll see the o-ring. The clutch should be filled with 12 oz of 80/90 weight gear lube.


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I replaced both the plug (it was cracked) and the o ring (it looked fine). The leaking has slowed, but not stopped. Arrrgh. I guess Harley's are destined to leak. I'm going to have to build something that will sit under the clutch and catch all of that transmission oil before it hits the ground...


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Can't help on the clutch, but I wanted to comment on the Burning Man thing. It has certainly grown over the years, hasn't it? It's not my thing, but it looks pretty, um, interesting, to say the least. LOL!

Good luck with your project. HRC will get you squared away, and maybe you can put a Cartaholics sticker on your art-cart!


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Here is an old trick you could try.... Clean ALL the oil from around the area, make sure it is really clean.... Add oil dye (Napa p/n 765-2661) and agitate the oil so the dye mixes in with the oil. Let it sit so it will leak.... Use a black light and shine it where the oil is. The dye will shine yellow/white when the black light reflects off it. Follow the trail and it will lead you right to the source of the leak. If it is the plug/O-ring area, then try replacing the O-ring again.