Hard Wire 48 Volt Battery Charger Yamaha G-22 Golf Cart


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The campground I stay at has 20 Yamaha G-22 electric golf carts as rentals. They have asked me to find out if they can hard wire the charger directly to the batteries? The problem is the customers / renters wreck everything. I know the battery charger white wire to the positive + and black to negative - but on this cart where does the ground wire go from the charger?


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ok are you saying you want to keep the charger on board all the time? like under the seat? or what? im sorry but i think im missing what your saying here. and if the carts are getting torn up a bunch it might not be to cool to put the charger onboard permanantly, or am i not getting what you are trying to do?


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It's possible to hardwire the chargers but in a rental application, the last thing you want is the chargers exposed to the renters.
They'll kick them, spill stuff on them and you will have a tough time washing the cart with the attached charger. Rain is another consideration as well as using another charger for a cart when one fails.
All round I would say it's not a great idea.