Hard to get it too turn over


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New to the golf cart ownership. My 88 Gas cart won't turn over very well. I have charged the battery seems OK. Rebuilt the carb and cleaned her up good. Runs OK when it starts. Solenoid? Electrical connections? Any ideas for me.


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when you say hard do you mean turning over like slowly? if so put cart in maintenance mode and charge battery when your done charging check voltage with a voltage meter it should read approx 12.7 volts than with key on hit your pedal and see what voltage drops to should be about 11.5 volts if cart starts watch voltage meter as your slowly pressing pedal your voltage should start rising and end up between 13.7 to approx 15.5 anything under or over and you have a charging problem, either a bad battery a bad voltage regulator and on the rare occasion a bad starter generator. So 1st make certain your battery is good test it and than load test it. :thumbsup: