hard to find parts


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i have just purchased a 93 gxt 804. does anyone know where to find after market add-ons?? B.U. doesn't have any.

great site by the way.


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A lot of Marathon parts will bolt on. What are you looking for? Anything in particular?


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I am looking for any and everything. My family and I are new to carting......they seem like such great vehicles for running around the hunt camp. I am particularly interested in weather enclosures. Will a standard cart enclosure fit if I install a bow in the bed to support the bag cover portion of the standard cart cover?? It does'nt have too look award winning , just be funtional.


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Actually, just about ALL Marathon parts fit. Everything I ordered for my GXT804 was marathon and it all fit. Some Medalists parts work to. Just find pics of the parts and compare them to yours.
Another good source for partson this cart is Cart Parts Plus in the links tab of this forum.

Happy Hunting!!!