Happy New Year


Happy New Year HRC! I just re registered since I could not sign in under my previous account from back in the day.
This is a nice forum with a lot of great info!


It was either TVH or Fuzz. I remember a few posts back and forth with you back then.
I lost interest in cart forums for some reason for some time, didn’t realize until recently that they shut BU forum down. I still have my 99txt and recently purchased a 98txt and I repowered it with the Predator 670 and used the Vegas carts install kit around Thanksgiving. This renewed the “sickness” and I have been on the forums again.
My sons and friends are coming down with the sickness as well.

Spent some time browsing your fine forum and it is evident you have put a lot of time and effort into it and wanted to say thank you!


I enjoy doing it but I do spend more time working on it then I should. :rotflmao: Thanks again for the compliment on the forum and good to have you back and posting. :thumbsup: