Halloween 2017


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we had Halloween this year at the in laws who live in a gated community and only allow these wild Buggies to roam the streets during that time.

FYI - I’m the fat Micheal Myers

So just wondering if anyone here did anything with their wild buggies on Halloween.

4856E9C9-F4BD-4808-9330-F464347B1ED2.jpeg D04F82DA-F9EA-49FD-8583-AED4275BE905.jpeg ECDAC27D-8050-4E4C-A6B6-EE87F80C1527.jpeg 5AC6DBB2-69E4-4FFE-BC71-1F4DCC1EF748.jpeg 4E416FBF-4A02-49CE-9345-F76E6FE9BE23.jpeg 9DEE4168-5A08-47FB-80B3-7C49217C4B82.jpeg

there are more pics but only allowed to upload 6 attachments per post?


Nice pictures and nice golf carts, thanks for posting them. They have a Halloween golf cart parade every year out at our cottage that's in a gated community. I wasn't able to make it this year though.
If you want to add more pictures you can add them in replies to your post. I have the limit set at 6 pictures per post but I may have to raise that. :cool:
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