Had a Golf Cart Wreck Today Beware Of Cheap Aftermarket Parts


No I do not have pictures or video. I wish I did. First test drive of a new build. Here are the cart stats: 2006 EZ-GO converted to 48 volts, hitting a 650 amp Alltrax into a GE Beast motor turning 6:1 gears on 22" tires with 6" lift kit. Cart runs very well. Ok,,during the installing of the lift kit, the main long tie rod would not come out very easy. I ended up dinging it up a little with a hammer to get it out. I know I could have done it differently but I was in a hurry. It was still fully functional but I decided that I was not going to use it because I have a "brand new" one on the shelf. The brand new one with new tie rod ends came from "Nivel". I am not trying to bash Nivel but I am getting a bit tired of cheap Chinese parts when they are important parts. The new tie rod and tie rod ends were not OEM. Installed it anyway, what could go wrong, right? Took off on my test drive, cart has great power and good speed. Well at about 26 MPH across my pasture, the passenger side tie rod end decides to break and come apart for no reason. Passenger side front tire goes 90 degrees instantly causing a really cool 15 yard nose wheelie with the steering wheel in my chest. I could have installed this part on a customers cart at some time. This would not have been good. These copies of parts are getting on my nerves and can be dangerous. Some parts you can get away with a copy, others you can not, so be careful when shopping and remember, "you do get what you pay for." This will not happen again.


Yea that the kind of stuff I hate, like the cheap a$$ rear axles they sell. I hope your OK though. I guess if it was to happen it happened in a good place out in a pasture on on pavement!


That sucks. Those damn cheap replacement parts are nothing but aggravation and dangerous. Glad to hear you didn't get hurt..


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That sucks. These things should be the same quality as automotive parts. They cost as much.


I agree, and the OEM parts "are" good quality. I do not mind paying more for good quality. It is the copies that I have a problem with. And nowdays it can be very hard to make sure that you are not getting a copy unless you order directly from the manufacturer. Some copies of parts that I get have an OEM part number. Now "that" is wrong.


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WOW, WE are SO sorry to hear about the wipe out!!! Great that you are okay!!!! When my wife read this she got the "oh sh>T" look on her face knowing I have 8" of lift with 30" tires and we're heading to Ga to race.... however, I reassured her......."we're in good hands with Allsports" and now she won't nag me ALL THE WAY TO ALBANY!!!

So will you guys be making the trip with the "Sleeper Creeper"?????? Hope to see you there. We know how you are...... full of surprises. Be safe!!!!


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I'm sure some dealers will buy non oem copies and charge oem prices to help the bottom line. A lot of dealers are hurtn bad right now.


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a hurtin' dealer passing the hurtin' on to the customer thats just not right.

buy American made and know what your getting :twocents:


No I am not going to be able to make the race this time. I hope everyone does well and is safe. The "Sleeper" is going to have to sleep this one out. Mabye next time. Take some cool video.