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Love the SKS, but it's hard to find one with and get extra detachable mags.

I went AR15 because that's what every cop car has In the trunk.
The SKS-M ( and D ) uses the normal AK mags not the Tapco duckbills, so you can stock up on AK mags. It is a bit harder to find the M with the Monte Carlo stock. Im not a fan of the more common thumbhole stock which is used also on MAK90s as well. I am a fan and owner of the AR platform too. Your work is very nice Southern by the way.:thumbsup:


I love Black Rifle Coffee Co' s vids..

How's this for a fun gun, old Iver Johnson Champion 12ga, cut barrel down to 21" welded on sight basses, larg brass bead up front and ghost ring in back, Cerakoted Black.
For show I loaded up some old brass with slugs, but the real ones I've loaded in front of 31gr of Longshot powder and they are very hard kickers.20181115_160342.jpg20181115_160239.jpg20181115_132133.jpg


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I have a pistol grip mossy with bird shot and buck, mix it up a little lol. First round says I'm serious, buck says you just don't get it lol


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Agreed. If you cut the jacket of shell at base it'll come out like a slug. Buck shot that is. Gotta load one at a time. Somebody showed me that some years ago. Probably not the safest way lol.