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I don't post much of any of my stuff. But here ya go on one of my pride and joys.
Started off as a Beretta 1201 FP and because Benelli made it I swapped out most of the guts.
Cerakoted O.D. Green and added LPA sights and a few other mods I won't show.
I gunsmithed and Cerakoted for a local shop here in town.
Here I had just shortened the stock and ground the new pad to fit. Replaced the screws with black ones on the sides.



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Good to be in the company of so many 2nd amendment fans. Here are a couple of my favorites, a Norinco MAK90 and a Norinco SKS-M. I did my first AK build from a parts kit this past winter that was a lot of fun.IMG_1280.JPG


Love the SKS, but it's hard to find one with and get extra detachable mags.

I went AR15 because that's what every cop car has In the trunk.