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Lotta fire power on this site. :usa: And I am sure we all have stuff we don't talk about. :hattip:


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I am packing up to return to MN and thought I would take pictures and share the guns I have down here in AZ that will soon be in MN.

This is a Remington 522 Viper. I will be leaving this one down here.

This is a Ruger 22/45 Target. Some one tried to deblue it and screwed up the finish. It is a shooter and I will be leaving it down here. I bought it here last year.

Here are a couple of Colts I bought this year. They are just interesting guns. The short barreled is just marked "Colt D.A. .41" so it is late 1800's or early 1900's. The barrel is either shot out or they used lead bullets with smokeless powder and it is fouled. The other one is marked "Colt Army Special 32-20 WCF" I have no idea of the age of this gun, but it is old.

These are 22.'s. The top one is an Italian gun. So it is not what I like, but it has a nice action.
The bottom one is a Ruger Single 6 New Model. It is a good one because it doesn't have the "Read the owners manuel" bull :censored: on the barrel. I bought both these guns down here this year.

This is just your run of the mill 10/22. Just a shooter but I never turn one down if it is priced right. I think I have 4 of them now. I bought it here this year and this one may stay here. The 3 bricks of 22 are worth more than the gun right now. :censored:. I have less than $30 invested in them.

This is a Remington rolling bock 22 pistol that someone convert from a rifle. I have a 20 gauge rolling block that my grandfather owned so I have a soft spot for them. And this has a heavy chunky feel that I find pleasing. I bought this gun here this year.

This is my carry gun. A Kel-Tec .380. I don't often carry it, but when I do it fits in my back pocket and it doesn't pull my pants down.


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Nice, I remember buyin' those cases of 7.62 1200 rounds, in the shotgun news for 99.00. that was 15yrs ago
same dealer sold me them Egyptian 9mm's, 12 to a case. pop N drops still got three left, one's got gornomans name on it :rotflmao: :usa:


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
I have a half dozen or so mags for it too, but didn't bother getting them out. I piled all this up for pictures the day before I left for AZ and was in a hurry. There are another 4 or 5 pistols around someplace. I either mislaid them or my son has them. He has a few of my other guns too. Oh, and the other son has a few shot guns. Hard to keep track. What the hell, they will all go to the boys anyway.
Funny thing. When I bought the AK, it was considered second rate. Now this manufacture is considered good as the newer ones are made even cheaper. This one is a Norinco from China and the ones you get now are, I think, produced in South Korea. A dealer at a show, last year, told me I had some bucks in this outfit with the ammo.