Gun Thread


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My newest toy is my RIA Ultra MS 45acp, always wanted one and ir was a deal I couldn't refuse.
Others are Ruger PT111, Ruger P95, 2 Bersa Thunder Plus, Winchester Defender 12ga 7shot for home defense...
Plus more!!!!


i have a bow for the silent shot , S&W 40 cal, 223 AR, Rem 12 gauge, 4/10, 30/30 lever action, and so on and so on . Does the FBI watch this site? :thumbsup:


Finally got the wife's Bryna, .68 cal pepper spray semi auto piston with 2- 5 round clips. I was surprised how accurate it is up to 60-70 feet. You don't need a conceal and carry permit either. It is not lethal but it will put a nice round welt on the body and pepper spay the crap out of you. It is kind of intimidating as it looks like a real pistol with a big bore.


Hope they buy it...the reason that is. Hard to imagine our country the way it seem to be headed, sure feel for the younger patriots and the damage the Dems can do in 4 yrs.
Have a good evening!