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How do I go about silencing the reverse alarm on an '04 EZ GO TXT electric??? Is there a wire I can cut w/o hurting anything else, or a module I can remove??



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Please don't silence the alarm as it is a safety item. You can quiet it down quite a bit by placing a piece of duct tape over the speaker. Is your cart a Series cart or a PDS?


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I believe that it's a series, judging by the battery arrangements. If I knew where to find it, I could muffle it at least, but I don't know (yes, I'm a noobie
) where it is located.


If it's a series cart the forward and reverse switch will be by your leg and the reverse buzzer is under the cover on the forward and reverse switch located under the seat on the passenger side of the cart.
If the cart is a PDS the forward and reverse switch is on the dash and the reverse buzzer will be behind the dash near the forward and reverse switch.
A piece of tape over the hole on the buzzer will quiet it down and it won't be so annoying anymore.


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Thank you for your input; I will take a look at it tomorrow and apply a piece of duct tape to either the hole in the f/r switch box or my wife's mouth; either will quiet the cart down
Appreciate your answering my question.


2004 ezgo Fleet or PDS.
Fleet cart it's on the Forward reverse switch under the seat on passenger side under the plastic cover.
04 PDS modele f/r switch is on the dash beside the key the buzzer is inside the dash.
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