Grounding to Frame


I have a hypothetical bogging my mind and would like to learn something. How does a 12 volt item grounded to an electric golf cart frame pose a hazzard? I cannot play out in my mind how it could ever receive 36 volts. Folks who do not use a reducer I've seen commonly use the front driver side 2 batteries in a ezgo. If the cable connecting those 2 batteries becomes unhooked and the 12 volt item is on, then high motor amperage runs through the small 12 volt item and wires; but that has nothing to do with it being grounded to the frame. What is a scenario that is the reason not to ground to frame? I've heard for all these years not to ground to frame on electric carts, but have never been taught why not.
My EV I grounded everything to the frame, but of course the 12 volt items were all on a different circuit and not the main pack. Thanks


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hi' i'm not sure if this will answer your question. but if my thinking is correct. (sometimes it is a little foggy) on the cart you have a closed electrical system a loop if you prefer. the 36 or 48 volt loop runs from the batteries thru the system to motor which is hooked up to the negative or ground on the last battery closing the loop. if a 12 volt item such as a light is hooked up to the metal body or frame it opens the loop and can put a drain on the system as it is no longer in the loop when it is hooked up to the battery it is connected in the the loop and there is no stray voltage. of course if you turn on the light when it is not hooked up in the loop or the wire is off and grounded were do you think the 12 volts go? i may be wrong but it is just my point of view on the subject. anybody else have one? again sometimes my thinking is a little foggy. hope this helps. o.c.f.