Great New modifications

Greetings All!! Nothing wrong with my 1991 cart, just wanted to share the story about my modifications that I made.
After I installed a 6" lift kit and 23" tires I wasn't satisfied with the carts trail performance. It lacked torque and balls up the hills and through the streams. If I didn't have a good enough running start, I would have to dump my passenger off.
Just installed a new torque spring onto my driven clutch and also had it machined @ a place called cartspartsplus. About $100.00 for both. What a difference on the hills, it was night and day. I was able to climb the hills with my brother n law onboard. 400 pounds of meat going up steep hills, like it was nothing. Keep in mind you do loose a little top end on the straight-aways, but it's worth it.
Another problem I had was crappy traction when going through streams. One driven wheel just doesn't cut it. I ordered a limited slip posi from buggiesunlimited. Happened to have a sale, so I paid $250.00 for the kit. When I got the kit and looked at the directions, it looked intimidating. Make sure when you order the kit, you order a new transaxle gasket as well !
I took the transaxle off the cart and then took it apart. It was easy, just take your time and follow the directions. I reinstalled the transaxle and took it on the trail. Amazing !!!
With all three modifications, it handles almost as good as my ATV, but you can take a buddy and few beers with you. IT RIPS !!!!!