Grease questions


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I have a 2006 TXT 36 volt lifted cart. I'm just learning more about it.

When we went to grease the valves on the front wheels, they broke off. Took awhile to get the broken piece out........hope we didn't hurt anything. Since I didn't have any spare fittings, I used a couple bolts to plug the holes and they are doing fine. I bought a couple replacements at Lowes and before I use them, was wondering if there is a standard size of grease fittings for carts? I bought several short straight 1/4-28 fittings. I tried to put them in the holes, but they wouldn't go in very far. Does it usually take some umph to get them in? (I didn't want to break off another one).

Next question.........(I don't have a manual)........we found one more place in the front to grease. It was behind the passenger side wheel grease fitting. Sorry I don't know the correct terms.
Is there anywhere else that should be greased? Are there any joints I should be putting grease around?

While I have you here.......If I have some battery cells that overflow a little after charging......does that always mean that there is too much liquid in there? Or are there other reasons for the overflow?
I finally learned that I had too much in there, but they still overflow with the plates just covered.
Thanks for your help!