Governor Inside The Rear End?


Is it true that there is a governor inside the rear end that has magnets on it and if you dont take the diff apart to remove it the rear end can blow with a Briggs or Honda engine??? My dad was at a local EZGO dealer picking up some parts and the guy there was telling him about that. I thought the governer is the spring ON the diff where the throttle cable hooks to. Is there actually something inside the diff that acts as a governor?


yep, and it will break at high revolutions. Its not magnets, its three weights that spin to throw the gear against the arm that reduces your throttle. It is fastened to the gear by three small screws. One of my weights broke off and broke one of the screws at the same time. It trapped itself between the ring gear and the diff housing and guess what broke?The aluminum diff housing. I removed the gov shaft and the gear when I repaired the housing.