governor adjustment


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I use my cart to pull some little trailers in parades and to give my grandkids rides. The governor hunts and being new to carting, I am unfamiliar with how to adjust it. Also, although I'm not after speed records, I would like to speed it up some. Any advice would be appreciated. I just installed a "clutch tuning and power kit" so it will idle for better control when driving in parades, but can't seem to get a steady idle.


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It sounds like the accellerator cable and/or the governor is out of adjustment. On top of the rear axle, you should see a lever about three inches long that attaches to a stud coming up out of the top of the rear axle. Loosen the nut a couple of turns where the long lever connects to the stud (governor rod). You will notice that the stud coming out of the rear housing (governor rod) is slotted. Insert a small screwdriver in the slot. Pull or push the long lever towards the rear of the cart, hold the lever and turn the screwdriver counter clockwise until it stops. While holding the governor rod and lever, tighten the nut. Start the engine and see if the problem is corrected.