Got reverse, no forward


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Have got reverse but no forward, Can hear aclicking when foot pedal engaged and ther is a slight forward creep for a second or two. The motor has been out and tested and runs in both directions and has been given a clean bill of health.
When engaging forward the feed to the motor gets very hot. Any ideas?


If the motor is good and the cable is getting hot you either have a bad connection or the cable is bad. Is the cable hot by the forward and reverse switch or by th motor? If it's hot by the switch you may have bad contacts in the switch...


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Thanks for that, I'll check where else its hot but definately by the motor. The info I have on the cart is as follows:-
EZGO TXT 1032420 G2497


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Update. When forward is powered A1 gets hot, A2 gets warm and if prolonged they smoke. A1 also gets hot at the control box end.
The control box is CURTIS PMC P/N 73144G03. Are there any serviceable parts inside this box before I open it.

The forward / reverse switch operates micro switches and the wires from these feed back to a multi pin adaptor plugged into the top of the control box. Has anyone any more ideas? Could it be the control box? Is there any way to test it?



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The cables look like new and all the connections are good, they have all been undone and re tightenedto check them.

Is there a chance that this problem could be in the control box?


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Broomer987, Is your steering wheel on the right side of the cart?

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