Got a Lift kit installed


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Well I finally got a lift kit tire/wheel combo for my cart - everyone over at BU has been asking me where I got it from, so I guess I can say on here. It came from ebay.

This is what I got.

Its their 5" drop axle lift - 22x11x10 6ply Duros on Aluminum 6 hole GTW 10" wheels

Well the whole project took about 3 1/2 hours to get installed. I really screwed up the tie-rod ends trying to get them off. I made the mistake of hitting them on the threaded part with a hammer. They popped right out, but at the expense of 2 new ones. That was a $25 lesson in tie-rod removal.

It turned out way better than I had ever expected. My wife was well suprised at how good it came out too. At first she didn't even want me to get a lift kit for it. "its just a golf cart" she said. Well now she loves it even more. I think the cartaholic bug has struck her now because this afternoon I caught her looking at the BU website checking out the accessories. She has never done that before. I've been telling her we need more stuff, maybe now she can agree with me.


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You're off to a good start. the tires and stance make a world of difference. Lookin good. You need help with that list??? I have a million suggestions. Good job.


ps I really like the wheels. What kind are they????


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BigDawg, that looks very nice! You did a good job on in. And your tie rod episode is how we all learn. By you mentioning it, we don't do the same thing. I am never afraid to admit my mistakes if I can help keep someone else from repeating them. Just wish I didn't make soooo many!