Good little engine


I found a nice little 16hp engine that I am going to use in my workhorse. It is only $300 and comes with everything you need to get going except the clutch. I talked to the guy and he said a lot of people have used them in golf carts and it works good. Cant beat the price. This is a good engine for someone needing to replace a sluggish old cart engine. Brand new, pick one up today!!


well ace only prob with that is the single cylinder. You arent really gaining much more power as far as torque goes. but good price


Yeah I know it wont be the torqiest of engines but I plan on buying it and install it in my workhorse to see how it is and if its any good. Then if it turns out to be an ok engine I will buy some club cars with bad engines from the guy I got my 95 ezgo and install this engine in them. I like the club car because you dont have to buy a motor mount for them and there is a higher demand for the CC and I can get them cheap from that guy so this could be a nice little business. I'll prolly make a bigger profit off them then my 95 ezgo. I imagine they would sell for around $2500 with the new engine, lift and some good tires. I hope this works out cause it beats the heck out of a typical high schoolers hamburger flippin job.


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Maybe. Only the market would tell. But I wouldn't pay that much for a Chinese knock-off engined golf cart. If he wants to install on his cart, fine. But selling them to the public could be real "iffy". It would have no warranty once it was sold, unless Ace wants to honor it. Just my .02.
If they buyer doesn't ask, don't tell! Don't lie, but if they don't ask what kind of engine it has, don't tell them. Paint it red and get some Honda stickers.

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on the same note who is offering a warranty on a used cart motor? are the warranty not good only to the original purchaser on the hondas anyways? I SAY GO FOR IT and see what happens.


What common local stores sell something like this engine? Northern Tool has a real nice 13hp engine for $299 but it doesnt have electric start. What other stores carry engines?