Good Lift Kit for Offroad Use On a Yamaha Golf Cart


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Hey I just got a Yamaha golf cart a couple weeks back and need a good heavy duty lift kit for offroad use. What do you guys recommend?


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Sponsors of Cartaholics golf cart forum have banners on the top and bottom of every page. Anyone of them could help you get the lift kit you want at good prices. :usa:


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I use this cart for everything road & i have drag raced it .... my cart has had many runs on it with many. many wheelies. All Sports lift kits are a safe choice.


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We only have the 6" right now. 26" will fit the front, but you'll have to do some stretching on the rear fender wells. You can use a 7" rear lift which will help. You can call me if you have any questions. 866-291-5244 Steve.