Golf Carts On Roadways


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Can we operate golf carts on roadways outside the confines of campus boundaries? Are we allowed on roadways and is it street legal? Please share safe operation and extreme caution for golf carts. Lets help our golf cart riders.


Every State/County/Town has there own rules on driving golf carts on the street. Most states require headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals and usually some sort of registration at a minimum. Some places also require horn, windshield wipers, etc. Your best bet is check with the town you're from and see what they tell you. Let us know what you find out.


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Here in Cutler Bay Florida, you must have headlights, tail lights, directionals, seats belts, and a big triangular slow vehicle reflector sign on the rear, (Ugly), insurance, driver license and only drive on approved roads, which is almost the whole town, you can cross unapproved streets and follow all the DMV rules. The sneaky regulation is you must have reflectors front and rear and yellow side reflectors. reflectors were .89 each at pep boys.