Golf Cart Windshield


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Golf Cart Windshield

Parts Number - Way too many styles and carts. (sorry)

Stats- Its a windshield that blocks the wind.

Review- Ok these windshields come in 2 piece and 1 piece versions and tinted and non-tinted too. Also you can get them in Acrylic and Lexan versions. The lexan ones are going to cost alittle more but are going to be better. I have the tinted 2 piece one and enjoy it. The only problem I have seen to find with the tinted ones are they show scratchs and dirt easier. I am pretty anal when it comes to cart stuff. So I spend alot of time making it spotless. My final thoughts are if you want some defence against the bitter cold and light rain I would recommend getting one.

Prices- $89.99 to over $200.

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